Essay Topics About Barack Obama

Questions About Barack Obama

  1. What Does Barack Obama’s Rhetorical Language Use Indicate?
  2. What Internet and Social Media Tools Did Barack Obama Use to Win the Presidency?
  3. Was the Nobel Prize Awarded to Barack Obama Merited?
  4. What Has Obama’s Impact Been on America?
  5. What Implications Does Barack Obama’s Election Win Have?
  6. What Are the Ways Barack Obama Engages His Audience?
  7. What Is the Main Theme of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address?
  8. How Does Barack Obama Make an Impact With Language in His Speech?
  9. Has the Debate Changed since Barack Obama’s Election?
  10. How Does Barack Obama’s Media Coverage in the US and the UK Vary?
  11. How Are Barack Obama’s Tax Cuts Related to Those of George W. Bush?
  12. How Has Barack Obama’s Strategy for the US Economy Been Affected by the Current Economic Crisis?
  13. What Sets Barack Obama Apart From Bill Clinton?
  14. Does Barack Obama Promote Change in the United States?
  15. What Positions Did Barack Obama Hold Before Being Elected President?
  16. What Are Barack Obama’s Ascents and Achievements?
  17. What Has Barack Obama Been Best Known For?
  18. How Does Barack Obama’s Media Coverage Differ in the US and the UK?
  19. What Do You Think of Barack Obama’s Views on the Trade System?
  20. What Makes Us Honor Barack Obama?
  21. What Effect, in Your Opinion, Did an African American Winning the Nation’s Highest Office Have?
  22. Where Did Barack Obama Spend His Childhood?
  23. What Relationship Exists Between Barack Obama and the Democratic Party?
  24. What Makes Barack Obama a Hero? Perseverance and Kindness
  25. What Obstacles Did the Obama Campaign Face in the 2008 Presidential Race?
  26. What Steps Did His Team Take To Evaluate the American Economic Crisis When President Obama Took Office?
  27. How Has Being a Father Affected President Obama’s Presidency?
  28. Why Did President Obama Consider Finding Osama Bin Laden to Be So Important?
  29. What Was President Obama’s Strategy for Handling the Syrian Crisis?
  30. How Would President Obama Describe His Strategy for Foreign Intervention and Foreign Policy?
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