Essay Topics on Unemployment

Essay Questions on Unemployment

  1. Does Broadband Internet Reduce the Unemployment Rate?
  2. Can Slowly Adjusting Wages Explain Involuntary Unemployment?
  3. Does Culture Affect Unemployment?
  4. Are Early Educational Choices Affected by Unemployment Benefits?
  5. Does European Unemployment Prop up American Wages?
  6. Can Black Workers Escape Spatial Mismatch?
  7. Does Higher Language Proficiency Decrease the Probability of Unemployment?
  8. Are Protective Labor Market Institutions at the Root of Unemployment?
  9. Does a High Unemployment Rate Result in a High Divorce Rate?
  10. Can Google Econometrics Predict Unemployment?
  11. Does Industrial Diversity Always Reduce Unemployment?
  12. Are Searching and Non-searching Unemployment Distinct States When Unemployment Is High?
  13. Does Job Search Assistance Reduce Unemployment?
  14. Can Insider-Outsider Theories Explain the Persistence of Unemployment?
  15. Does Job Search Monitoring Intensity Affect Unemployment?
  16. Are Unemployment Benefits Harmful to the Stability of Working Careers?
  17. Does Liquidity Substitute for Unemployment Insurance?
  18. Can More FDI Solve the Problem of Unemployment in the EU?
  19. Does Long-Term Unemployment Reduce a Person’s Chance of a Job?
  20. Are Unemployment Rates Nonstationary or Nonlinear?
  21. Does More General Education Reduce the Risk of Future Unemployment?
  22. Can National Infrastructure Spending Reduce Local Unemployment?
  23. Does Output Predict Unemployment?
  24. Did the Great Recession Downsize Immigrants and Native-Born Americans Differently?
  25. Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment?
  26. Can Supply-Side Policies Reduce Unemployment?
  27. Does Rising Unemployment Lead to Policies of Labor Flexibility?
  28. Can Unemployment Insurance Spur Entrepreneurial Activity?
  29. Does Sanctioning Disabled Claimants of Unemployment Insurance Increase Labor Market Inactivity?
  30. How Can Unions Result in Higher Unemployment Rates?
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