Ethno-Nationalism: Everything You Need to Know

Though it may appear similar to nationalism, ethnonationalism involves loyalty to a specific ethnic or racial group instead of loyalty to a nation. In a country like the united states, where multiple ethnicities coexist and thrive peacefully, it is important for all ethnicities to hold on to their ethnic identities. However, this sometimes has the effect of causing division and strife between different ethnic groups. 

Some groups suggest that it won’t be incorrect for members of the same ethnic group who share a common ethnic origin to be referred to as relatives, because they share the same ancestors. If ethnonationalism reaches the point of extremism, it can have serious consequences that can prove to be devastating.  

Ethno-nationalist education is used as a way of preventing cultural imposition from other ethnicities. One major benefit of ethnonationalism is that it can be used to protect and preserve the defining qualities of a particular ethnic group and it ensures that traditional and cultural values are passed on from one generation to the other. Another way ethnonationalist education helps preserve culture is through its use of the mother tongue (native tongue) to teach as the official language used in the classroom. Also, the inclusion of the ethnic group’s history, literature, and traditions in the curriculum is another way ethnonationalism is upheld through ethnonationalist education.

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