Etihad set to welcome around five million guests across peak summer

As the summer season approaches, Etihad Airways is gearing up to welcome a record number of guests on board its flights. The Abu Dhabi-based airline is expecting to carry around five million passengers across its network between June and August, marking a significant increase in demand for air travel during the peak summer period.

To cater to the surge in demand, Etihad has implemented a range of measures to ensure a seamless travel experience for its guests. The airline has increased its frequencies on popular routes, including destinations in Europe, North America, and the Indian subcontinent. Additionally, Etihad has also introduced new services to key markets, such as its recently launched flights to Vienna and Barcelona.

Etihad’s hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport is also undergoing significant upgrades to accommodate the increased passenger traffic. The airport’s Terminal 3, which is exclusively used by Etihad, has been expanded to include additional check-in counters, baggage claim areas, and security screening points. The airline has also invested in new technology, including automated check-in and baggage drop facilities, to reduce waiting times and enhance the overall passenger experience.

Etihad’s award-winning service and product offerings are also being enhanced to meet the demands of its summer guests. The airline’s cabin crew has undergone specialized training to provide personalized attention to passengers, while its in-flight entertainment and dining options have been upgraded to include a wider range of movies, TV shows, and cuisine.

Commenting on the airline’s preparations for the peak summer season, an Etihad spokesperson said, “We are excited to welcome a record number of guests on board our flights this summer. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of our service, from check-in to arrival, is tailored to provide a memorable travel experience for our passengers.”

With its focus on providing exceptional service, comfort, and convenience, Etihad is poised to make this summer season one to remember for its guests. Whether traveling for leisure or business, passengers can look forward to a world-class experience with Etihad Airways.

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