Exploring Reddit Coins: How to Get and Use Them


Reddit, the popular online discussion platform, has its own virtual currency system known as “Reddit Coins.” This digital currency can be used to award fellow Redditors and show appreciation for their valuable contributions. In this article, we will dive into what Reddit Coins are, how to get them, and how to use them.

What are Reddit Coins?

Reddit Coins are a virtual currency designed to be used within the platform to purchase various awards for other users. They play a crucial role in fostering a positive community atmosphere by allowing members to show their appreciation for insightful comments, intriguing posts, or simply a good laugh.

Types of Awards:

There are three types of awards that can be gifted using Reddit Coins:

1. Silver Award: Costs 100 coins and adds a Silver badge to the awarded post or comment.

2. Gold Award: Costs 500 coins and grants the recipient one week of Reddit Premium membership, which includes an ad-free browsing experience and access to r/lounge, an exclusive community for premium members.

3. Platinum Award: Costs 1,800 coins and grants the recipient one month of Reddit Premium membership and 700 coins.
In addition to these three main awards, Reddit also offers Community Awards that vary across different subreddits.

How to Get Reddit Coins:

There are several ways you can obtain Reddit Coins:

1. Purchase: Users can buy coins directly from Reddit using real money. Various coin packages are available for purchase in different denominations, starting from $1.99 for 500 coins up to $99.99 for 40,000 coins.

2. Receive Awards: When another Redditor presents you with a Gold or Platinum Award, you will also receive a certain amount of coins (100 for Gold and 700 for Platinum).

3. Participate in Promotions: Occasionally, Reddit runs promotions where users can earn free coins by engaging in specific activities, such as joining Reddit Premium or participating in community events.

How to Use Reddit Coins:

Utilizing Reddit Coins is simple and can be done with a few steps:

1. Navigate to the post or comment you want to award.

2. Click on the “Give Award” or “Award” button (located below the post or next to the comment).

3. Choose your desired award from the list provided.

4. Confirm your selection by clicking on “Give Award” and confirm the transaction.


Reddit Coins offer an exciting way for users to show appreciation to fellow community members, encourage quality content, and foster a positive atmosphere within the platform. By understanding how to get and use these virtual tokens, you can actively contribute to an environment where exceptional contributions are acknowledged and celebrated.

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