Extrinsic Motivation In Online Training

Extrinsic motivation is a powerful tool that can be used in online training to increase motivation and engagement. Research has shown that extrinsic motivation (external rewards, such as money, awards, or privileges) can be more effective than intrinsic motivation (internal rewards, such as pleasure or satisfaction) in accomplishing goals.

External rewards can be motivating because they provide an immediate sense of gratification. They also tend to be more salient, meaning that they are more likely to be remembered and remembered better. External rewards can be used to increase motivation in a number of ways, including increasing task motivation, increasing performance, and increasing learning.

One way to use extrinsic motivation in online training is to create a system where participants can earn rewards for completing tasks. This can be done through a number of methods, such as awarding points for completing tasks, giving out badges or medals for completing tasks, or providing rewards (such as vouchers or discounts) for completing specific tasks.

By using extrinsic motivation in online training, participants will be more likely to complete tasks and learn information. This will help them to achieve their goals, and will also provide them with a sense of satisfaction.

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