Facilitating a Modern Version of the Spelling Bee

This approach can be used for spelling or vocabulary and to review terminology from a unit of study.

To begin this approach, you will have to have a box or ziplock bag that contains five sets of alphabet letters. It is best if alphabet letters can be printed out on card stock so that they are durable.

The class must be divided into teams. It works best if the teams are of an equal number and a size that is not too large, so everyone can have input in spelling out the correct answer. This approach also works in pairs.

The teams need to be separated from each other so that they can only see the letters of their own teammates. You must also be in a position of being able to see equally all of the different teams and their members.

Each team member must have access to the letters in the spelling box or zip lock bag.

Once the teams are ready, tell them the “rules” of the game, which are, each member must participate and have a letter. Once the group has the letters, they have to stand up in the order that the letters go in. The team that spells the word first correctly is the “winner” of that round.

At times, not all group members will be needed, and sometimes a member may have to hold more than one letter. That is ok. What counts in this approach is teamwork and good decision-making.

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