Facts About Ruby Bridges for Kids

Ruby Bridges is an inspiring civil rights activist who made history by becoming the first African American child to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans in 1960. Her bravery and determination paved the way for equal education opportunities for all children. Here are some facts about Ruby Bridges for kids to learn more about her incredible story.

1) Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954, in Tylertown, Mississippi. Her given name was Ruby Nell Bridges.

2) Ruby Bridges’ family moved to New Orleans when she was four years old. They lived in the East End neighborhood, which was considered one of the poorest in the city.

3) In 1960, Ruby Bridges was selected to attend William Frantz Elementary School, which was an all-white school at the time. Ruby was the only African American student in the school.

4) Ruby Bridges’ mother and father were hesitant to let her go to the all-white school. However, Ruby’s father eventually agreed, saying, “I want Ruby to have a better life than I ever had.”

5) On Ruby’s first day of school, she had to be escorted by four U.S. Marshals to ensure her safety. People were shouting and throwing objects at her. However, Ruby remained brave and determined.

6) Ruby’s teacher, Barbara Henry, was the only teacher willing to teach her. They worked together in a classroom that was empty except for the two of them.

7) Ruby Bridges became a symbol of civil rights activism. She was featured in newspapers and magazines, and her story was broadcast on television.

8) Ruby Bridges was not allowed to play with other children during recess, and her family received threats of violence. However, Ruby’s family remained supportive and strong.

9) Ruby Bridges’ bravery paved the way for other African American children to attend all-white schools. Today, schools are desegregated, and children of all races attend school together.

10) Ruby Bridges continues to be an inspirational figure today. She speaks about her experiences to students and the public, reminding people of the importance of equality and respect for all people.

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