Fantastic Number 3 Preschool Activities

Preschoolers love to learn and explore the world around them. One way to help them do this is by introducing them to fun activities that encourage critical thinking and creativity. Number 3 preschool activities are a great way to help your child develop these skills. Not only are they educational, but they’re also engaging and sure to leave your child feeling proud of their accomplishments.

1. Number 3 Poster

When teaching a new math concept, it is important to have it displayed in the classroom so kids can refer to it when completing independent work. Also as you go through each number, add them next to the others to help with counting skills as well.

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2. Jack Hartmann Video

Jack Hartmann is amazing and has made so many videos that preschoolers love. This video, which is lots of fun, will help with number recognition and formation and is done using a catchy tune. It can also be played in the background during math center time.

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3. My 3 Book

This cute number 3 book is a  great math activity that kids can complete and refer to during quiet time. It’s a good idea to teach preschool-age kids to look back at their past work, so they have better study habits when they get older.

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4. Number 3 Puzzle

A simple puzzle is always an activity that preschoolers will like. This one requires you to print, laminate, and cut it apart. Then kids can put it together. It helps with so many skills at the same time, such as number recognition, motor skills, and perseverance.

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5. Number 3 Scramble

There are 3 sheets to choose from here. I am partial to the one shown here, which is fun to color and it reinforces color recognition as well. When math ideas are combined with other preschool skills, they are even better.

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These number preschool activities are sure to engage your child in creative and educational play. Not only will they help your child develop important skills like counting, sorting, and problem-solving, but they’ll also build confidence in their abilities. Have fun exploring all the possibilities that these activities offer!

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