Fascinating Essay Topics to Write about European History

Fascinating Topics to Write about European History

  1. The Enlightenment and the French Revolution Gave Birth to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Bill of Citizens’ Rights.
  2. The Tower of London: From Prisoners to Executions, with a Touch of London’s Notable Events in European History
  3. Marxism and Darwinism in European History: Differences Due to Class Conflict or Environmental Biological Detriments
  4. The Cultural Capital of the English-Speaking World
  5. A History of the Witch Trials in Europe: Stake-Burning, Hanging, and Beheading
  6. Men and Women’s Roles in European History
  7. The Significance of the Communist Manifesto to European History
  8. Europe’s Most Infamous Dictator, Joseph Stalin, Ruled over the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
  9. The Effects of World War I and Its Implications for Europe Today
  10. Adolf Hitler as “The Personification of Modern Political Evil” in European History
  11. Napoleon III and Bismarck Are the Two Most Significant Figures in the History of Europe.
  12. History of Lutheranism and Protestantism in Europe
  13. Today, More Than One Hundred European Languages Are Spoken. Languages in European History
  14. Comparative Religions and Philosophies in European History
  15. The Anglo-Saxon Culture in Beowulf Is a Significant Part of European History.
  16. The Philosophical Impact of Plato on European History
  17. From Landowner to Industrial Capitalist: The Industrial Revolution in European History
  18. The Development of Bolshevik Policy During the Russian Revolution in European History
  19. Anne Frank Is the Greatest Diarist in the History of Europe.
  20. When the Black Death hit Europe, It Was the Worst Time the Continent Had Ever Seen.

Essay Topics on European History

  1. The Most Significant Occurrences in European History
  2. Class Conflicts in the History of Europe: The Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat
  3. The Parallels between Animal Farm and European History
  4. Crafts and Urban Growth in the Economic History of Europe
  5. Catherine the Great in European History
  6. European History: The Kings and Queens Who Transformed History
  7. John Cabot’s Concept of Sailing West to Reach the Riches of Asia in European History
  8. The Great Depression and the Imminence of World War I on European History
  9. Excellence in Ancient Greece: The Hero of European History
  10. The Spanish Armada, Queen Isabel’s marriage, and the Thirty Years’ War all contributed to Spain’s decline in European history.
  11. European History: Comparative Philosophies and Religions
  12. History of the Protestant Reformation in Europe: A Debate Concerning the Authority of Indulgences (also known as “The Ninety-Five Theses”)
  13. Medieval Armor: Greatest Invention in European History
  14. All the People Would Rule, According to European Historians Hobbes, Locke Rousseau
  15. The Unification of Germany Was a Pivotal Event in European History Because It Led to the Formation of a Mighty, Prosperous Nation.
  16. Reformation Affected 16th Century Civilization: European History
  17. Population Decline, Social Upheaval, Chronic Warfare, and Religious Unrest Characterized Europe’s Late Medieval Period.
  18. Historical Perspective on the Metternich System and its Contribution to Peace in Europe
  19. Culture War Against Catholics in European History
  20. Historic Cultural Movement of European Intellectuals During the Age of Enlightenment
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