Favorite Rhyming Books for Preschool

Rhyming books are a wonderful way to help preschoolers learn to rhyme. Children are more likely to develop a strong foundation for rhyming words and phrases by reading and doing activities involving rhyming. Rhyming books can also be fun for parents and children to spend time together.

Preschoolers love to rhyme and can learn a lot from books that rhyme. Here are five of our favorite rhyming books for preschoolers.

1. Do Ants Wear Pants? by Gabrielle Grice

This fun and endearing book will quickly have kids asking questions and encourage them to be curious about everything. The adorable rhymes ask all kinds of questions about animals like “do pigs wear wigs?” and “do bees have knees?” and they might even make up some fun animal rhymes of their own.

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2. Nothing Rhymes with Orange by Adam Rex

This over-the-top picture book is packed with silly rhymes, trying to make fruity jokes. The mixed-format images are a fun escape from traditional children’s illustrations and the clever rhymes will even have parents giggling.

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3.  The Whale That Broke The Scale by Tim Zak

Beginner readers will love this simple book with bold, easy-to-understand text. The bright illustrations and cute story are very memorable and Tim Zak has a string of follow-up books that kids will also love. These are excellent rhymes for early age children who are starting to explore this quirky writing style.

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4. Silly Tilly by Eileen Spinelli

Tilly the silly goose gets up to all kinds of trouble on the farm but the farm animals are tired of her antics. But soon before long, the animals realize her crazy adventures are why they love her so much. This is an excellent read to show kids how their personality makes them special.

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5. Never EVER Race a Reindeer by Adam Wallace and Mary Nhin

Did you know reindeer are cheaters? Who would have thought! Let kids indulge in this captivating rhyming cautionary tale and follow it up with more hilarious books like “Never EVER Lick a Llama.” More Information: Amazon

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