Favorite Writing Resources from Zaner-Bloser


The journey to mastering the art of writing entails discovering and utilizing the right resources. Zaner-Bloser, a leading educational company, has been helping both students and educators perfect their writing skills since 1888. In this article, we will delve into some of the favorite writing resources from Zaner-Bloser.

1. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting:

A cornerstone of the Zaner-Bloser writing resources is their handwriting curriculum. Carefully designed for Pre-K to Grade 8 students, this comprehensive program follows a research-based and developmentally appropriate approach. It covers manuscript and cursive handwriting while promoting literacy skills by integrating reading, spelling, and writing. It incorporates digital tools and interactive practice exercises, ensuring that students can build legible, fluent handwriting.

2. Strategies for Writers:

Strategies for Writers is a complete writing program for grades K-8 that covers different aspects of English language development – from grammar to composition skills. This resource focuses on teaching the six traits of effective writing: Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions. By adopting a systematic approach to teaching each trait, Strategies for Writers ensures that students gain mastery over them as they progress through the grades.

3. SuperKids Reading Program:

The SuperKids Reading program is an innovative literacy curriculum tailor-made for K-2 learners. Designed around age-appropriate fictional characters called SuperKids, this engaging program teaches phonics, reading comprehension strategies, handwriting, composition skills, grammar lessons and spelling rules in an integrated manner using stories and activities. The inclusion of both print and digital materials allows teachers to cater to varied learning styles effectively.

4. Spelling Connections:

Spelling Connections is an effective spelling curriculum designed for grades K-8. Grounded in research-based techniques such as word sorting and explicit text analysis instruction, it promotes vocabulary development and accurate spelling. The lesson plans are created in a spiral progression, ensuring that students can practice and retain their learning throughout their academic years. With both print and digital formats, Spelling Connections embraces different learning styles catering to various student needs.

5. Writing & Grammar Online:

Zaner-Bloser also offers an online resource that helps students hone their writing and grammar skills. Featuring digital lessons, interactive workshops, quizzes, and practice exercises specifically tailored for Grades 3-8, Writing & Grammar Online effectively supplements classroom instruction while engaging students in a fun and challenging way.


Zaner-Bloser has stood the test of time and continues to foster writing excellence by offering these comprehensive resources. Students and educators alike have benefited from the rigorously designed programs that cater to different educational needs. As a result, Zaner-Bloser remains a reliable source for favorite writing resources that seamlessly blend traditional foundations with modern teaching methodologies.

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