Field Day Activities Kids Can Do at Home

Elementary pupils are perhaps the saddest about missing field day out of all the canceled events. Field day is a time-honored and cherished event, regardless of whether your school holds competitions and awards, goes wet and crazy, or leases inflatable slides and bounce castles. While tug-of-war may be beyond limits, kids can still participate in various field day activities at home. Check out these suggestions for staging a backyard field day:

  1. Bubble Station

Add bubble solution to a kiddie pool made of plastic. Provide a range of wands (commercially available or homemade; good options include hula hoops, wire hangers, and pipe cleaners). Mix six cups of water, one cup of dish soap, and half a cup of light corn syrup to make your bubble solution. Next, let the kids blow bubbles!

  1. Ring Toss

This carnival game can be played in various ways at home. Use glow-in-the-dark necklaces for the ideal size rings if you have small orange cones. Paper plates can also have the middles cut out and toss them onto a ruler buried in the ground.

  1. Ping Pong Shake

This is a hilarious activity. Start with a box of unopened tissues. In the box’s back, make two slits, and then thread a belt or scarf through them. Use the box on the rear to fasten it around the child’s waist. Ping pong balls should be placed inside the box, and the youngster should be asked to shake them out.

  1. Water Balloon Toss

To play, you’ll need pairings of two people, so team up parents and children or siblings. Fill a bucket with water balloons. Partners are close and facing one another. One partner tosses the water balloon to the other. Partners advance one step after each consecutive turn. Throw it around some more till it breaks! How far are you willing to go?

  1. Obstacle Course

Children will enjoy a backyard obstacle course, even though it requires extra work. PVC pipes, pool noodles, long wooden boards (also known as balance beams), hula hoops  (for agility), and limbo bars are a few of our favorite supplies.

  1. Sidewalk Chalk

Now is the moment to join the sidewalk chalk bandwagon if you haven’t already. Let the youngsters go in your driveway with a bucket of sidewalk chalk. Use painter’s tape for this task to make things more structured.

  1. Races

If you don’t have potato sacks, you may easily make a pillowcase version of a sack race! A three-legged race is an option for larger families. Two-person teams compete while tying their inside legs together (use a scarf or the like). Since you probably have those items at home, the traditional egg and spoon race also works.

  1. Cup Stacking

You will need 21 plastic cups for this game. Start by closely lining up six cups in a row before constructing the pyramid. Five are added to the following layer, and so on, until just one is left at the top. Children can compete with one another or a timer to see how quickly they can stack.

  1. Tie-Dye


Let the kids participate in this time-honored field day activity by gathering some old white t-shirts. Adhere to the instructions in the video. Your at-home field day will feel a little more special if they wear their new tie-dye shirts.

  1. Pirate’s Treasure

An excellent activity, if you have a sandbox, is this one. Kids can dig up to find bury coins or little prizes. In a pinch, a kiddie pool or sizable container will work.

  1. Bean Bag Challenges

Kids can try various activities with bean bags. They’re able to balance it on their heads. Throw it up and catch it with your back to them? Throw it at the target?

  1. Track and Field Games

Families might compete against one another in a throwing competition or a 100-meter dash. We advise using a frisbee for the discus and a pool noodle for the javelin.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Pick one from our incredible choice of scavenger hunts for your field day… or come up with your own!

  1. Slip and Slide

You can make your slip and slide at home with sturdy plastic sheeting from the hardware store. After securing it with landscape anchor pins, moisten the slide with the hose. Add a baby soap for even more slickness

  1. Face Painting

Transform those kids into superheroes and unicorns by ordering a kit. Not a great artist? Fill your shopping cart with stencils.

  1. Popsicles

Ensure the at-home version includes a treat because field day typically concludes with one. Popsicles are an excellent option. Purchase some or make your own at the grocery store. This recipe for rainbow popsicles is fantastic!

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