Financial Literacy Activities for Middle School

Financial literacy activities can help middle school students manage their money and stay safe online. By becoming more informed about budgeting, investing, and spending, students can make better financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Some things middle schoolers can do to improve their financial literacy include:

  1. Misadventures in Money Management

This game interface has the look and appeal of a graphic novel but plays just like an action video game! Middle schoolers can fight bad guys, win challenges, and work together with other players to learn how to make wise financial decisions.

More Information: Misadventures in Money Management

  1. “Price is Right!”
    Have your students get a piece of paper and write down everything they buy in a month. Then ask them to guess their expenses without looking up prices or asking someone else. The student that gets the closest to his or her actual amount wins a prize.

More Information: Metro Parent

  1. Monopoly Life Lessons
    There are some useful financial concepts used in the board game “Monopoly” that you can use to teach your students about making sound decisions regarding investments and purchases.

More Information: Minnesota Public Radio News

  1. Minimum Wage Budget
    Depending on where your school is located, your minimum wage is set and governed by the state. So, look up the minimum wage in your area, ask your students to get into groups, and plan a yearly budget based on a minimum wage salary.

More Information: Crafty Teacher Lady

  1. Consumer Savings Activity
    There are many ways we can save money on things we buy every day. This lesson plan asks each student to research different ways and create an interactive flyer to post in the classroom. Once everyone’s flyers are prepared and embedded with a QR code, students can tour and learn what their classmates can teach them.

More Information: Consumer Savings Flyer

Financial Literacy activities can help students achieve their financial goals and stay safe online while developing critical financial skills.

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