Fluency: Instructional Guidelines and Student Activities 

If you want to help your students achieve fluency in a second language, here are a few instructional guidelines to follow:

1. Make sure that you are providing the student with a variety of practice materials. This includes both written and oral exercises.

2. Be consistent in your instruction. This means providing the same material in the same way to all students. This will help the student to better understand and remember the material.

3. Help the student to be comfortable with the language. This means providing him or her with a positive environment in which to learn. This can include providing opportunities for interaction and language practice.

4. Encourage the student to use the target language in real-world situations. This will help him or her to become more confident and competent in the language.

5. Reward the student for his or her efforts. This can include awarding points for successful completion of tasks, providing rewards such as gift certificates or movie tickets, or providing help with finding employment in the target language. 

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