Forgiveness as a Key Educational Leadership Attribute

All students will make mistakes from time to time. They are young and still learning lots of new things through their errors. So, as an educational leader, you need to ensure that you are forgiving when students make mistakes so that problems can be solved easier. Here are some reasons as to why forgiveness is a key leadership attribute.

Kids Can Learn from Their Mistakes

When a kid makes a mistake or misbehaves in class, instead of getting mad and not letting them forget it, use it as a learning experience. Teach them that mistakes can be fixed and that we can move forward in life if we learn from them. If you forgive kids when they do something wrong, then they will be able to see the positives of mistakes rather than only the negatives. This can help them better learn the right way of doing things.

It will Teach Them to be Forgiving in Their Own Lives

The way we treat kids greatly affects how they treat others. If we show kids that it is okay to forgive and let things go, then they will likely have a kinder, more forgiving attitude in the future. React to their mistakes the same way that you’d like them to react to the mistakes of others. If they do not learn to be forgiving, then they could end up holding unnecessary grudges and upsetting those around them. Kids can learn a lot from our behaviors, so it is important that educational leaders set a good example when it comes to forgiveness.

Your Students will Feel More Comfortable Talking to You

If you are patient with kids and teach them to learn from their mistakes, then they will feel more comfortable approaching you and talking to you if any serious problems arise. If you don’t give them a chance to fix their bad behaviors and you continually punish them for it, then they will learn to fear you. A teacher should be someone that students feel comfortable approaching when needed. So, if you are not forgiving to them, then when they need some advice or help in class, they will not feel comfortable going out of their way to get it.

It Helps Students to Learn Good Behavior

Instead of punishing students for mistakes, make sure you make it clear what the expectations actually are. Make clear rules and show them how to fix their mistakes. If you forgive them when they do things wrong and help them through it along the way, it will help them to learn good behavior in class.

You Can Work Together to Solve the Problem

Forgiveness is also an opportunity to allow students to solve problems on their own. When they do something wrong or make a mistake, encourage them to acknowledge what they did wrong so that they can figure out ways to improve this behavior. Use your forgiveness as a learning experience to help improve their problem-solving skills as well.


Forgiveness is a key leadership skill for educators because it helps students learn from their mistakes and listen better. Students don’t have to get punished every time something goes wrong, but instead, they can work hard to fix these behaviors.

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