Four Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports

Technology has become more prominent and our lives have become more stationary. While past generations played comfortably outside until the streetlights came on, today’s children are more likely to spend their childhood in the home as opposed to outside the home. Instead of playing kickball in the street, they are watching unboxing videos on an iPad. Technology is an amazing tool which can be a blessing however it can also be a hindrance in other ways. Enrolling your child in a sport is one way to encourage them  to be active outside of technology. Not only will your child gain an appreciation for the sport, it could also lead to scholarships, traveling, and friendships. Having your child participate in a sport has several benefits but here are four big reasons why kids should play sports:

1. Health

There are many factors that cause childhood obesity but current statistics show that one in five children have obesity which is triple the rate of the 1970’s. Childhood obesity is now considered an epidemic and the most common chronic childhood disease. The best way to battle childhood obesity is to keep your children active and moving. Whether it is track, swimming, baseball or basketball, enrolling your child in a sport will get their body moving and their heart pumping. The more active your child is, the better, and what better way to exercise than playing a fun sport.

2. Teamwork

Introducing your child to a sport introduces them to many social skills such as learning how to deal with defeat as well as the importance of trying your best. A great benefit of your child playing a sport is teamwork. At the office, at home or in school, we all use teamwork to complete tasks. A child enrolled in a sport will learn how to properly work well with others which will benefit them throughout their life. A baseball team needs to work together to get a grand slam and a cheerleading squad has to work together to learn the routines. Learning to work with others is an essential skill that we all must learn in order to be successful. Introducing your child to a sport will teach them the importance of being a team player and working well with others.

3. Fun

Children playing in the neighborhood used to be common however it is not as common anymore. The skills learned while playing with other children are no longer part of everyday life for many children due to our different technology driven lifestyle. Now a parent has to make an effort to get their child out of the house and away from technology. Enrolling your child in a sport gives them the opportunity to have fun with other children. A sport may become an enjoyable hobby for them and they may even shy from technology. Your child will make friends with other children on the team and they will have a lot of fun.

4. Energy Release

Depending on the age of a child, they may spend between 3 and 17 hours a week doing homework. Recess is also disappearing from schools at an alarming rate. As children lose their opportunities to be physically active, they lose the chance to release their energy. After spending all day in school, then spending time doing homework, a child will need to release their energy. They may release their energy in a destructive way but playing a sport will give them a positive opportunity to release their energy. As children are assigned more work than previous generations, it is important to give them the option of being physically active to release their childhood energy. Playing a sport is a fantastic way for them to release their energy in a positive manner.


Increased school work, less opportunities to play outdoors and technology have contributed to children becoming more stationary. A sport allows them to exercise and it also allows for the child to release their energy that is suppressed during the school day. Learning to play a sport teaches the child how to be a team player, handle failure and work with a coach. Enrolling your child in a sport will benefit them in many ways and with so many options to choose from, there is a sport for every child. Getting your child involved in a sport has numerous benefits and it will help them be happier and healthier as well as successful in the future.

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