FREE Google Form: Communication Survey for ELL Families – Enhancing Communication and Collaboration


Effective communication is crucial in the education sector, especially for teachers and administration. It involves understanding the needs of students and parents from different backgrounds to ensure a supportive educational environment. With the increasing number of English Language Learners (ELL) families in schools, facilitating smooth communication becomes an essential aspect to bridge the gap between language barriers. One such innovative technology that can help schools achieve this goal is the FREE Google Form: Communication Survey for ELL families.

Understanding ELL Families:

English Language Learners are students whose first language is not English, and they often require assistance, resources, and support to become proficient in the English language. ELL families are those where one or both parents/guardians mainly speak a language other than English at home. Understanding their communication preferences and cultural aspects is important for effective collaboration between schools and families.

What Is The Google Form: Communication Survey For ELL Families?

The Google Form: Communication Survey for ELL families is a free, user-friendly tool designed to assist educators in gathering important information about communication preferences of ELL parents or guardians. This tool helps schools understand how best to communicate with these families by analyzing their preferences concerning language, mode of communication, translation services, and other culturally sensitive context.

Benefits of Using The Google Form: Communication Survey For ELL Families

1. Bridge The Language Barrier: This survey helps educators identify if an interpreter or translator is needed for meetings or written communications with ELL families.

2. Tailor Communication Strategies: By knowing the preferred mode of communication (such as phone calls, emails, or text messages) for each family, educators can develop personalized strategies that ensure efficient and effective collaboration.

3. Empower Families: By engaging ELL families with appropriate communication channels and translation services, schools empower them to participate actively in their children’s education.

4. Inclusivity: This survey promotes diversity and fosters a sense of inclusivity by acknowledging the different cultural backgrounds and linguistic needs of ELL families.

5. Easy Access: The Google Form is free, customizable, shareable, and can be accessed from any device with internet access, making it highly accessible for teachers, staff members, and parents alike.

How To Use The Google Form: Communication Survey For ELL Families

1. Create your own version of the Google Form by making a copy from the original template.

2. Customize the form’s questions and design as needed.

3. Share the form with your colleagues for any additional feedback or input.

4. Prepare a distribution list of ELL families in your school community.

5. Send the form via email or shareable link to ELL families.

6. Collect responses and analyze them to create tailored communication strategies for each family.

7. Update and review the Communication Survey periodically to ensure optimum communication efforts are maintained.


The FREE Google Form: Communication Survey for ELL Families is an invaluable resource in fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration between schools and diverse communities. By recognizing their communication needs and providing appropriate language support, schools can help create an inclusive environment where every student has an equal opportunity to thrive.

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