From Headache to Helpful—Teachers on Using TikTok in the Classroom

Teachers have long been using various forms of media to help get their students’ attention and keep them engaged in class. Most notably, teachers have utilized traditional methods such as flashcards and worksheets, but more and more, they are turning to social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to supplement their teaching methods.

One platform that has recently become popular among teachers is TikTok. This is a social media platform that consists of short videos that are typically filmed using a mobile phone. These videos are typically shot in a selfie-style and are meant to be humorous or entertaining.

While some teachers view TikTok as a distraction, others have found that it can be a helpful tool in the classroom. For example, one teacher used TikTok to help her students learn about geography.

Another teacher used TikTok to help her students learn about the French language.

While there are certain risks associated with using TikTok in the classroom, there are also benefits. By using TikTok in a helpful way, teachers can keep their students engaged and focused on the lessons at hand.

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