From Stanford to Startup: A Classroom Guide to Teaching Students About Google’s Founder, Larry Page


In today’s digital age, Google has become an essential part of our lives, making information accessible at our fingertips. The story of Google’s inception and its founders can provide valuable lessons for students, offering insights into perseverance, technological innovation, and business acumen. This article aims to guide educators on teaching students about the founder of Google, Larry Page.

Early Life and Education of Larry Page

Larry Page was born in Lansing, Michigan, on March 26, 1973. His parents, both computer experts, nurtured his interest in technology from a young age. After completing high school, Page went on to attend the University of Michigan, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Later on, he pursued a Master’s in computer science at Stanford University.

The Birth of Google

While at Stanford University, Larry Page met Sergey Brin during a campus tour. A friendship developed between the two young men as they collaborated on a research project focused on data mining from the World Wide Web. This partnership led to the creation of a search engine called “Backrub” that eventually evolved into what we know now as Google.

As co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin transformed their initial search engine into a global technology giant with vast services and products that shape the daily lives of millions worldwide.

Values to Emphasize in Teaching About Larry Page

1. Perseverance: Despite numerous setbacks and challenges along the way, Larry Page was determined to bring his vision for Google to life. Educators can use his success story as an inspiration for students to pursue their goals passionately and persistently.

2. Visionary Leadership: Larry Page has been a transformative leader not only for Google but for the tech industry as a whole. Teachers can emphasize his innovative mindset and how it played a crucial role in driving Google’s success.

3. Collaboration: The partnership between Larry Page and Sergey Brin is an example of the importance of teamwork. Teachers can point out that effective collaboration can lead to much greater achievements than individual efforts.

4. Business Acumen: Larry Page’s entrepreneurial spirit has played a significant role in Google’s continuous growth. Instructors should focus on the importance of understanding market dynamics and developing strategies for competitive advantage.


Teaching students about Larry Page, the founder of Google, offers numerous learning opportunities about perseverance, visionary leadership, teamwork, and business acumen. By sharing the story of Google’s inception and the strategies employed to reach its current position as a global technology leader, educators can inspire students to dream big and act boldly in their future endeavors.

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