Fun Bear Activities for Preschool

Whether you’re looking for activities to keep your little one entertained in the morning or afternoon, there’s something here to keep them busy. Here are some great fun bear activities for preschoolers that you can start today!

1. I Met a Bear

What better way to introduce a bear unit than to get kids up and moving with this fun song about meeting a bear! You can introduce the topic of bears and also discuss where bears live–in the woods!

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2. The Grizzly Bear Song

This song about a grizzly bear sleeping in a cave is a great way to teach children about bears hibernating through the winter. Through this song, they will learn the words and movements of a cute song to cement the idea of bears sleeping in caves and the dangers of waking them.

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3. Ten in the Bed

Teach kids how to count down from ten by counting bears in this classic children’s song! With each bear roll, the fun animations in this video will have kids laughing and singing along while they are learning their numbers.

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4. Brown Bear Song

One of the children’s favorite books is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Instead of reading one of the most delightful picture books for the millionth time, play this video and soon students will have the words memorized! After, children can practice the literacy skill of retelling this classic story.

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5. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love sleeping with cuddly teddy bears? Use this song to help preschoolers wind down and get ready for nap or bedtime! And don’t forget to give them their favorite teddy bear to cuddle!

More Information: Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

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