Fun English Activities for High School

Looking for a fun English activity to keep your students engaged during their high school years? Then look no further! Here are a few activities to keep your students on their toes and engaged.

  1. Paint Chip Poetry
    This is a fun activity for students that is easy to set up. All you need is the game box and to go over the directions. Students will use the unique names of paints to create beautiful pieces of poetry. The game includes prompts. It’s also great to add to your classroom party game stash!

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  1. Figurative Language Challenge
    These challenges tackle different types of figurative language like metaphor, simile, alliteration, and more. They are great for inclusion classes because they work in stations.

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  1. Six Word Memoirs
    A small but fun activity is to write 6-word memoirs. It makes for a great introduction to memoirs too, and students must think. Then, you can display them and have them attach memorable images.

More Information: Six Word Memoirs

  1. The Break-Up Letter
    If you need a unique creative writing exercise, try this letter-writing activity with a hilarious twist. Rather than write a typical letter, they will write a break-up letter! Perfect for teens!

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  1. Pop Sonnets
    Great for high school students learning about Shakespeare’s Sonnets! This classroom activity is a great way to introduce sonnets. It has 100 songs from popular culture but written in Shakespearean Sonnets. Make a classroom playlist of your favorites!

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  1. Listening Skills
    This blog post provides directions and classroom materials for language arts teaching resources related to communication skills. For this activity, practice contains a listening inventory and practicing some skills.

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  1. Vocabulary Pictionary
    Be the coolest teacher when you teach vocabulary review! Bingo Pictionary is simple but fun and has just a bit of competition. Plus, you can modify it around your lesson or a chapter you are reading!

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  1. Poetry Slam
    Poetry slams are fun for those who are shy and for advanced speakers. It helps build confidence and gives students a voice. You will be surprised when you see the smooth-talking skills of your kids!

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  1. Truth or Dare Grammar
    Look no further if you need an easy lesson plan to review grammar. This fun game is a game for teenage learners and will help students get invested in grammatical skills! Students must pick a truth or dare card and answer an English-related statement.

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  1. Book Spine Poems
    This is a great lesson to help motivate a lower-level class or those with varying language levels to write poetry. It uses book titles to help them create their own unique poems! All you need is sheets of paper printed out and some books! Or make it like an online game, and allow them to “hunt” for titles online!

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