Fun Facts About Rosa Parks for Kids

Rosa Parks was an important figure in the civil rights movement in the United States. She is best remembered for her refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955, sparking a historic boycott and paving the way for future changes in the law. But there are many other fun facts about Rosa Parks that kids might enjoy learning about.

Here are some fun facts about Rosa Parks that you might not know:

1. Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her parents were James McCauley and Leona McCauley.

2. Rosa Parks was a very good student in school. She loved learning and going to school.

3. She married her husband, Raymond Parks, on December 18, 1932. Raymond was a civil rights activist and encouraged Rosa to become involved in the movement.

4. Rosa Parks was a member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and worked to end segregation in the United States.

5. Rosa Parks was not the first African American woman to refuse to give up her seat on a bus. However, her case became a symbol of the struggle against segregation and helped to bring about change.

6. After the boycott, Rosa and her husband moved to Detroit, Michigan, where she continued to work for civil rights.

7. Rosa Parks received many honors and awards during her lifetime, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.

8. Rosa Parks was also a writer and author of several books, including Rosa Parks: My Story and Quiet Strength: The Faith, the Hope, and the Heart of a Woman Who Changed a Nation.

9. On February 4, 2013, the centennial of her birth, Rosa Parks was honored with a stamp issued by the United States Postal Service.

10. Rosa Parks passed away on October 24, 2005, at the age of 92. She will always be remembered as a courageous fighter for civil rights and a symbol of hope and inspiration for people all over the world.

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