Funding your flexible classroom design

Many students find inspiration in flexible classroom design.

Flexible design is the opposite of traditional classroom seating, The casual seating arrangements for individuals and groups makes for an inviting and positive environment where students feel welcomed. Teachers report that students with access to flexibly-designed classrooms have better attendance. They improve their academic achievement, too.

You may wonder why more teachers aren’t creating flexible workspaces in their classrooms. Limited funding prevents many teachers from designing the space of their students’ dreams.

Unfortunately, school budgets aren’t nearly as flexible as classroom design.

Don’t despair. Schools operate on tight budgets, and there’s little if anything left for flexible design. However, you can make over your classroom without dipping into your own money to do it.

Try crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a popular and effective method of raising cash quickly.

Many campaigns raise a few hundred dollars, which is enough to help thrifty shoppers redesign their classrooms. In most cases, more than two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns get funded.

There’s technique involved in getting noticed.

First, to attract angel donors, write a compelling narrative that explains exactly why you want to incorporate flexible design in your classroom and explain how it will help your students. Next, be specific: tell your potential donors precisely what you need and how much it costs. Pictures and videos can help you tell your story.

Finally, share your goals with your friends and family who can help you spread the word. Utilize your social media platforms as well for more visibility.

Crowdfunding sources to check out

Not everyone can give a lot. Many people, however, will give a little, especially when they know it’s for a good cause. Crowdfunding platforms help you raise awareness and connect to a community of caring people.

That’s why many educators turn to crowdfunding sources to help fund classroom needs.

  • Adopt-a-Classroom showcases community campaigns and offers opportunities to assist with disaster relief.
  • Classy serves the non-profit sector seeking to expand awareness and reach. This site encourages more than crowdsourcing. It also allows users to curate content and comment on it. Need judges for an essay contest? Turn to Classy for help.
  • connects classrooms with donors who want kids to have what they need to be successful. Founded by a former teacher, this crowdsourcing platform coordinates funding, makes the purchases for you and then ships them to your school.
  • Livingtree, formerly known as Edbacker, this crowdfunding resource helps schools and district raise money for projects and engage the community.
  • PledgeCents categorizes fundraiser campaigns by categories such as subject areas and youth organizations. Every fundraiser has a description (tell your story) and many include videos ( show why your need is critical for your students). You can add updates throughout the campaign.
  • YouCaring, a subsidiary of GoFundMe, helps donors find others looking for a little – or a lot – of support. Campaigns aren’t deadline-sensitive, and there are no deadlines.

Each crowdfunding platform differs. Do your research to find the one that best suits your needs. Check for the pricing structure, available features, and levels of support you collect.

After your campaign, send all donors a personalized thank you note and post updates with pictures of your newly designed classroom.

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