Funds For Learning Commends FCC Approval of Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Pilot Program

Protecting Our Future: Funds For Learning, a leading nonprofit advocating for E-rate funding, is applauding the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) approval of a pilot program to enhance cybersecurity for schools and libraries. The program will provide critical support as these institutions face escalating cyber threats.

A Growing Threat: Cyberattacks on schools and libraries have risen sharply in recent years, disrupting learning and putting sensitive data at risk. These attacks highlight the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures in our nation’s trusted educational institutions.

Pilot Program Details: The FCC’s pilot will allocate up to $44 million for schools and libraries to improve their cybersecurity. Funding can be used for a range of purposes, including risk assessments, intrusion detection, and security awareness training.

Eligible Expenses: Eligible expenses under the program include firewalls, antivirus software, and other network security products. Funds can also support hiring information security personnel and contracting with third-party cybersecurity providers.

Application Process: The FCC will open a 60-day window for schools and libraries to apply for funding. Applicants will need to outline their current cybersecurity risks and propose specific measures for mitigation.

A Model for the Future: The pilot program is seen as a model for potential future initiatives. Its success could pave the way for dedicated E-rate funding for cybersecurity, a step Funds For Learning has long advocated for.

Funds For Learning Praise: “We commend the FCC for recognizing the critical need for schools and libraries to bolster their cybersecurity,” said E-rate expert John Harrington. “This pilot is a vital step toward protecting our nation’s educational institutions from escalating threats.”

Call to Action: Funds For Learning is urging eligible schools and libraries to apply for funding as soon as the application window opens. The nonprofit is offering resources and guidance to support applicants in securing these vital funds.

The Bigger Picture: While the pilot program is a welcome development, it underscores the broader need for increased investment in E-rate funding. As technology becomes ever more integral to learning, supporting the networking and cybersecurity of schools and libraries must be a national priority.

A Safer Future: The FCC’s pilot program is a step toward a safer, more secure future for our nation’s schools and libraries. By investing in robust cybersecurity, we can protect these vital institutions and ensure they can continue to serve as engines of learning and opportunity.

Stay Tuned: Funds For Learning will provide updates as more details on the application process become available. In the meantime, eligible institutions are encouraged to begin assessing their cybersecurity needs and planning their applications.

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