Funny, Interesting Topics of Debate

Every single debate your learners participate in doesn’t have to be a serious one. Sometimes, you will be presented with the opportunity to get creative and enjoy the process of participating in a debate on an exciting or funny topic.

However, just because the topic of debate is more lighthearted doesn’t mean you do not have to prepare. If you don’t want to lose face, you will need to choose a topic and formulate arguments.

Here are some funny and interesting topics to choose from:

  • Are celebrities good role models? Or should they not exist?
  • Can music and art at school reduce stress in students?
  • Is daydreaming or dreaming at night better?
  • Why are extracurricular clubs and activities important at school?
  • Should homework continue to exist? Or should it be dismissed from school?
  • What is the best TV show ever created?
  • Should television be a part of the educational process at elementary school?
  • What topping should be on every pizza? (Besides cheese or sauce)
  • Should we get rid of all the zoos in the world?
  • Should schools stop tracking students by their academic level?
  • Are superheroes misleading role models?
  • Should students be allowed to be employed while in school?
  • Should schools block social networks?
  • Was the creation of our world a natural occurrence in the universe? Or was it created by a higher power?
  • Should students be allowed to leave school during lunch?
  • Should juveniles be treated as adults?
  • Which were more real – ninjas or pirates?
  • What are the perks of being a woman?
  • What are the perks of being a man?
  • Should people live together before getting married?
  • Are there secret meanings behind common nursery rhymes?
  • Is peer pressure beneficial or harmful?
  • Should cellphones be allowed at school?
  • Should fast food be served on the school lunch menu?
  • Are we too dependent on computers and other gadgets?
  • Should all schools have an option for online attendance?
  • Should parents purchase war and violence-related toys for their children, like guns and knives?
  • Should animal dissections be prohibited at school?
  • Is human cloning real? Should it be allowed?
  • What is nuclear energy, and how does it impact our environment and society?
  • Should human minds be uploaded to computers?
  • How does literature influence the development of our personality?
  • Should sex education be started in middle school or later?
  • Is there an afterlife?
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