Game-Based Learning Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for game-based learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Sumdog – Aligned to the Common Core and key state standards, Sumdog provides K-8 learning in math, spelling, and grammar. With an adaptive learning engine, questions are targeted to everyone’s academic learning level providing automatic differentiation in the classroom. Questions are purposefully designed to blend new learning and review. Sumdog is full of engaging activities and games designed to keep students motivated through a focus on game-based learning. With a subscription, teachers have access to detailed reports providing information on progress, effort, skills, and growth against the standards for each student. Sumdog uses a positive reward system to help ensure continued student engagement. For correct answers, students earn gold coins which can be “spent” in Sumdog’s in-app store. There is also an optional pet reward program where each student has a virtual pet that learns one new trick for each new skill the student masters.

Reading Raven This is an educational game designed to help kids build a solid foundation in reading. It makes use of engaging, fun step-by-step reading lessons. This game allows the user to progress using self-paced reading activities. Children go on reading adventures with fly eating frogs, circus acrobats, underwater sea creatures, and more. This app uses children’s imagination to create reading adventures that help solidify their reading skills and strengthen their imagination.

Kidz Match– Kidz Match is a fun game to help jog children’s memory and raise their intelligence; it consists of free matching games that teach about the alphabet, numbers, and body parts. This free downloadable app is available in English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Swedish, and German. To reinforce learning, each image is accompanied by an audio clip, appealing to children’s auditory and visual senses. Additional games that use matching games to teach about bugs and professions are available for purchase.

Geo Trainer– Geo Trainer, is a fast-paced game app used by geography students to prepare for their tests. It comes with multiple choice questions about flags, capitals, and various information about different countries. Students can focus on one continent at a time or the entire world.

Wild Kratts Creature Math – Based on the PBS series Wild Kratts, this app helps children practice addition and subtraction while learning science concepts. Children are tasked with building an animal habitat and caring for eight different animals. Wild Kratts Creature Math automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game based on children’s mathematical proficiency, so this app makes an excellent independent activity. There are 16 different home types and food items available to create the animal habitats and 13 reward banners to earn. Children can pet and interact with their animals at any time while learning dozens of interesting animal facts. This app is useful for elementary math classrooms or independent at-home practice.

Amazing Match-Word Learning Games for Kids– Amazing Match blends entertainment and education; it teaches children to spell and pronounce words by developing their concentration levels, cognitive skills, and memory. Amazing Matchis designed for children to play alone or taking turns with other children. 

Learning Games for Kids– Learning Games for Kids provides children with games that help them to learn math, language, science, history, and more. Geared toward preschool to elementary aged children, these games are fun, visually stimulating, and auditorily appealing to keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more.

Learning Patterns-Pattern & Logic Game for Kids Learning Patterns-Pattern & Logic Game for Kids uses interactive games to encourage children learning for children. By teaching patterns and logic, children will learn very crucial developmental skills. Adults can even have fun with this app by encouraging children to play and evolve critical-thinking skills and mental capacity. – A combination dictionary and adaptive learning game,, will help students master new words. The website doesn’t use flashcards or rote memorization. Instead, it exposes students to a variety of questions and activities to help them understand the meaning of the word. has over 500 ready-to-learn vocabulary lists for things like the SAT or TOEFL, or a user can enter their own list of words to master. Teachers can also automatically create a learning activity based on the text they will be teaching in class by simply pasting the text onto the website.

Animals Zoo Flashcards– This educational game features 40 free animal flashcards to help children learn to identify and recognize the sounds the animals make. Includes beautiful images of animals and endangered species, habitats, and places for the entire family to enjoy. Children also learn to spell and pronounce the name of these animals and choose their favorite animal. Bamboozle– Bamboozle is a free educational game that can be used to test cooperation and knowledge among students. Students do not need to create accounts or login to play. It can be projected onto a projector, smartboard, or a monitor. Students can also use this app to assess their performance level by themselves.

Chicken Coop Fractions Game Children learn to convert fractions to decimals through the questions thrown at you in this game. The nest moves to the position you predict; then, the math genius hens fire their eggs toward the correct answer. If your answer is close enough to the correct answer, the egg is caught in the nest. Enhance your child’s fraction estimation abilities by taking advantage of this educational game.

Gro Memo– Gro Memo is not an ordinary memory game but an eco-educational game that enlightens kids about simple environmental knowledge and explains the important sustainability issues simply and interestingly. It uses lots of animation, fun characters, and appealing illustrations in two major environments—the forest and the sea. Play for a better planet and help animals clean up their polluted homes with Gro Memo.

RoomRecess – RoomRecess is a free learning game app in which students can simply load a game activity and have fun while learning. It is committed to providing children with essential skills that are vital to elementary students and their educational process. This game app was developed by primary school teachers committed to basic education in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem-solving.

Amazing Coin– Amazing Coin is an entertaining and educational game designed to help children solve math problems using coins. Nine sections in the game teach children to make purchases, find the sum of coins, match correct pairs, and much more. With this app, children learn to recognize, add, count, pay for items, and give change using coins.

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