Gathering Materials for the Upcoming School Year

Check out our list of tips on gathering materials for the new school year.

Throughout your visit with the school principal or department head, ask about the curriculum, specifically the texts provided. As a precaution, count the number of textbooks you have been allocated. Pair the number of textbooks with the number of learners you tentatively have in class. Next, count the number of desks and ensure a desk for every learner. Each learner is entitled to a desk or table. Ask the janitor or other educators if you need more desks or tables.

Prior to purchasing a weekly or daily planner, ask the secretary if the school furnishes planners. Utilize daily, weekly, or monthly planners to write your lesson plans. Utilize your planner to keep notes and reminders of upcoming meetings. The class will be organized in practice if you are organized on paper. Class time is maximized.

Ask if you can have plants or fish in your room. Plants soften the room. Fish add a calming effect. Both offer an opportunity for learners to become caregivers.

Check that your name and room number are visible outside your room. If they are small for a crowd of learners to see on the first day, make a larger sign. Individualize it with interesting books to read, quotes, or pictures. Parents will also appreciate finding a clearly identified room.

Get several computer-generated learner labels for name tags, folders, learner booklets, and coat hooks. You can utilize them for everything.

Create multiple blank checklists with your learners’ names on the side. You can use these to check who was on the computer, who went to the bathroom, who brought their permission slip, and who was on the bus for a field trip. The uses for the checklists are endless. Save yourself time and print off many.

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