Get a Free Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Every Family at Your School


In an ever-evolving world of technology, it’s vital that we utilize tools that can help us keep our families and communities healthy. One such tool is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, which offers numerous benefits not only for individual users but also for schools and their communities. In this article, we will discuss the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, its benefits, and how your school can get one for every family for free.

What is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer?

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is an innovative, FDA-approved device designed to take accurate temperature readings quickly and easily. It connects to your smartphone via its app, providing real-time information on illnesses circulating within your community. This smart device aids in early detection of sickness in children and allows parents to track symptoms, medication administration, and even seek guidance on managing fevers.

Benefits of the Kinsa Smart Thermometer

1. Quick and accurate temperature readings: The Kinsa thermometer provides readings in under 10 seconds – a godsend for parents with restless children. It also has a built-in fever guidance feature that offers recommendations based on age, temperature readings, and symptoms.

2. Illness trend tracking: The app collects data from all users in your community, allowing you to understand which illnesses are circulating nearby. This can help parents to be proactive in preventing the spread of contagious diseases at home and school.

3. Symptom monitoring: Through the app, parents can record all symptoms experienced by their children for any given illness episode. This historical data allows them to better communicate with healthcare professionals should any complications arise.

4. Health tips & guidance: The app offers valuable information on managing various symptoms and fevers alongside recommending appropriate medications.

How Your School Can Benefit from Free Kinsa Smart Thermometers

Schools have always been subject to the rapid spread of contagious diseases like colds and the flu, impacting the health of children, staff, and their families. By providing Kinsa Smart Thermometers for free to every family in your school, you can better monitor these illnesses and help reduce their impact in your community. Early detection and intervention can minimize widespread outbreaks, improve overall school health, and reduce absenteeism.

How to Get Kinsa Smart Thermometers for Your School’s Families

Kinsa offers their FLUency program to schools across the United States, which provides a free smart thermometer to every enrolled family. By partnering with Kinsa for this initiative, your school can directly benefit from:

1. Enhanced communication: Through the Kinsa app, parents and school staff can stay informed about potential health threats in real-time.

2. Community insight: This facilitates a stronger understanding of the health challenges facing the entire community and empowers well-coordinated prevention strategies.

3. Data-driven decisions: Schools gain access to anonymized data that helps them make informed decisions on dealing with illness outbreaks or planning health education seminars.

To get your school enrolled in the FLUency program, you simply need to sign up at Kinsa’s website ( Once approved, your school will receive all necessary resources to distribute thermometers and instructions on how to use them effectively.


By offering a free Kinsa Smart Thermometer to every family at your school through the FLUency program, you’re promoting a healthier environment, reducing infectious illnesses’ impact, and facilitating better collaboration between schools and families in managing children’s health. Secure this invaluable device for your community today!

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