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Are you an educator looking for engaging and effective financial education resources for your students? Say hello to our brand-new “Dollars & Decisions” interactive course designed specifically for teenagers! This comprehensive course aims to help young people navigate the world of personal finance with ease, confidence, and a thorough understanding of money management. And to support teachers in this journey, we are thrilled to present the accompanying teacher guide to make it a seamless and enriching experience.

Dollars & Decisions: What is it?

The Dollars & Decisions interactive course is a cutting-edge financial literacy program crafted to empower teens with essential life skills related to money management and decision-making. The course covers a wide range of topics, including budgeting, credit scores, debt management, savings strategies, and investing principles. By focusing on real-life scenarios that resonate with today’s youth, Dollars & Decisions ensures each lesson leaves a lasting impact.

Introducing the Teacher Guide

With the release of our teacher guide, we aim to facilitate educators in integrating the Dollars & Decisions course into their curricula seamlessly. The guide provides practical and supportive tools specifically designed for teachers who want to use this comprehensive financial curriculum effectively in their classroom setting.

Some highlights of our teacher guide include:

1. Lesson Plans: Detailed lesson plans that align perfectly with the content of each module assist educators in preparing and delivering lessons that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.

2. Assessment Tools: Relevant quizzes and activities encourage students’ active participation while providing clear indicators of their understanding of the subject matter.

3. Pacing Guide: The pacing guide helps teachers structure their instruction plans by providing suggestions on allocating time for each module’s content.

4. Extension Activities: For students who desire more challenges or require additional guidance, the teacher guide offers supplementary materials that reinforce key concepts.

5. Annotated Course Resources: Teachers are provided with annotated references and resource links related to course content that can enhance their lessons and support their continued learning.

6. Classroom Management Tips: The guide also contains helpful tips on ways to engage students, foster active participation, and create an inclusive classroom environment.

Implementing the Dollars & Decisions Interactive Course

The Dollars & Decisions interactive course, together with the accompanying teacher guide, promises high-quality financial education for teens. The content of the course adheres to the National Standards for Financial Literacy and is structured in a way that ensures sufficient customization options to suit a variety of classroom models, teaching styles, and pacing preferences.

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Prepare your students for a life outside the classroom by equipping them with essential money management skills through our entertaining and comprehensive Dollars & Decisions interactive course. Grab the teacher guide today and help bring valuable financial education within reach to an increasingly connected generation of teenagers!

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