Globalization: Everything You Need to Know

Globalization is the growing interconnectedness of countries around the world. It involves increasing communication and various forms of interaction between people of different nations, ethnicities and cultures. There are four processes involved in globalization. These are the communication processes, political processes, economic processes and educational processes. 

Communication processes are involved in the delivery of information. These are usually done through mediums such as newspapers, textbooks, television, social media, etc. These are effective ways of spreading information around the world very quickly. 

Economic processes are concerned with the economic interactions between individuals, organizations and governments across the globe. Products and services are being bought and sold by individuals from various parts of the world. Technological advancement has also contributed to the rise of globalization. 

Political interaction is always occurring between various political organizations worldwide. This is done to facilitate peace and fairness in the relations between foreign countries.  However, those in developed countries have more resources to facilitate their political knowledge and processes.

Education is another issue that has been influenced by and influences globalization. There is a growing global educational standard expected from specific age levels. This is difficult because teachers and students in developed countries have greater access to technology and materials that improve their learning and teaching experiences significantly above that of students from developing countries who have low access to advanced technology and materials. This makes it very unfair to students in developing countries who are forced to struggle in order to keep up with a global standard of education.

The educational and political processes are quite similar and arguably connected.

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