Goal-Setting Activities for High School Students

Goal-setting activities for high school students are critical in helping them achieve their goals. There are various ways to set goals, and it is important to find the right approach for each student.

  1. Digital Vision Board
    An effective vision board can be a great start to get students thinking about their future paths. What are their dreams for the short and long term? It is a great starting point and a fun activity to get them thinking!

More Information: Lindsay Ann Learning

  1. Bucket List Goals
    A cool Senior year activity that is simple but helps promote students reaching various goals and being involved in extracurricular activities is a bucket list. Students can modify the list of activities to create the perfect list that meets their personal satisfaction. Maybe some students want to be involved more in social activities or others in clubs – either way, a bucket list gets students reaching short terms goals!

More Information: By Sophie Lee

  1. College Week Goal Setting
    This college week activity is like a spirit week to prepare students for college applications. Each day they work towards a different goal – filling out applications, writing essays, interview prep, etc. The week can really be whatever your students need it to be. It is also great if you have a large population of first-time college students who need extra support.

More Information: Mundelein High School

  1. Setting SMART Goals
    This doodle sheet is a great tool to create a mini-goal for your class. The students will write achievable goals using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals rules when writing them. The goals are individualized academic goals, so each student’s work will be unique.

More Information: Math Giraffe

  1. Short-Term Goal Worksheet
    This short-term goal worksheet is a great activity for middle school students entering high school. Students will look at specific goal areas and determine what personal goals related to it that they need to work on, as well as who will support them and the action steps that need to be taken to attain each.

More Information: B Schwartz

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