Good Research Topics about Happiness

Good Research Topics about Happiness

  1. Breaking the Stereotype: Why Do Urban Aboriginals Perform Well on Happiness Scales?
  2. Happiness, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Justice
  3. Individual and Contextual Factors Contributing to Happiness and Life Satisfaction in a Low-Middle-Income Individuals
  4. Technology and Its Impact on Social Satisfaction
  5. The Neural and Genetic Correlates of Happiness Sharing in Society
  6. The Happiness Hormone, Serotonin and Its Effect on on Other Neurotransmitters
  7. Happiness as Defined by Metaphorical Expressions, Behavior, and Its Relationship to Success
  8. Why Are the Rich Happier? :Cultural Capital and Happiness
  9. The Connection between Spiritual Well-Being and Happiness
  10. Overcoming Rejection, Identity, and Desire, and Finding Happiness in Homosexuality
  11. Measuring Happiness: From Fluctuating Satisfaction to Genuine, Long-Lasting Happiness
  12. Earning and Spending as Sources of Discontent in Income and Happiness
  13. Adaptation in the Face of Prosperity and Adversity: Findings from Happiness Studies Around the World
  14. Modern Ritualism for Finding Peace and Happiness and Living Meaningfully
  15. Eudaimonia by Aristotle: Are Pleasure and Happiness the Ultimate Goals of Life?
  16. Why The Pursuit of Happiness Requires Beauty and Equality
  17. How Labor Union Membership and Life Satisfaction Contribute to Collective Happiness

Interesting Topics to Write about Happiness

  1. Age as It relates to Immigrants’ Pursuit of Happiness
  2. The Relationship between Happiness and Marriage, Earnings, and Age
  3. Poor and Distressed, but Happy: Situational and Cultural Modifiers of the Wealth-Happiness Relationship
  4. Job Satisfaction and Family Happiness: The Problem of Part-Time Work
  5. Adult Happiness and Prior Traumatic Victimization Within and Outside the Home
  6. Global Happiness and Growth: Evidence on the Happiness-Income Paradox
  7. Economic Growth Equals Happiness: Evidence from Six Surveys
  8. An Economic Analysis of Children, Spousal Love, and Happiness
  9. Our Relationship with God as a Route to Happiness
  10. Parenthood and Happiness: Parenthood’s Direct and Indirect Effects on Happiness
  11. Insights from the Economics of Happiness: Gender and Well-Being around the World
  12. A Cautious Investigation of National Happiness and Genetic Distance
  13. Wealth and Basic Needs as Independent Determinants of Happiness
  14. Money and Happiness: Problems Associated with Understanding Their Dynamic Relationship
  15. Happiness and the Four Noble Truths in Buddhism

Research Questions about Happiness

  1. Can Economic Prosperity Be linked to a Happier Society?
  2. What Does Sociology Contribute to the Study of Happiness?
  3. Absolute Income, Relative Income, or Expected Income: Which Influences Happiness?
  4. What Makes Happiness Unique as a Social Indicator?
  5. What the Buddha Taught – Basic Principles for Human Happiness
  6. What Is the Connection between Inequality, Happiness, and Relative Concerns?
  7. How Does Happiness Mediate the Relationship between Organizational Virtuousness and Affective Commitment?
  8. What Is the Difference between Happiness and Success?
  9. What Exactly Is Happiness? What Makes Life Pleasant?
  10. How Can People Discover Happiness?
  11. What Are the Most Important Factors in Achieving Happiness?
  12. How Does Happiness Affect Productivity?
  13. Is Government Ideology Influencing Personal Happiness?
  14. How Long Can You Be Happy? How Economic Growth and Social Capital Affect Happiness Over Time
  15. What Effects Do Gender and Age Have on Happiness?
  16. What Effects Do the Economy and Institutions Have on Happiness?
  17. What Is the Distinction between Happiness and Self-Esteem?
  18. What Is the Role of Government in Human Happiness?
  19. What Lessons Can Economists Draw from Happiness?
  20. How Important Is Money? Estimating Income’s Causal Effects on Happiness
  21. What Do Happiness Indices Say about Life?
  22. How Can Friendship Lead to Lasting Happiness?
  23. What Are Your Beliefs on Money Can’t Buy Happiness?
  24. What Can Happiness Studies Teach Us about Altruism?
  25. Why Are We Happier as We Age?
  26. Happiness Explained: What Is Human Happiness and How Can We Promote It?
  27. How Does Happiness Affect the Modern Woman?
  28. What Effect Does the Economic Crisis Have on Adolescent Happiness?
  29. Do Satisfying Desires Lead to Happiness?
  30. What Is the Relationship between Happiness and Economic Behavior?
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