Good Research Topics about Malcolm X

Good Research Topics about Malcolm X

  1. Malcolm X’s Infamous Speech: Ballot or Bullet
  2. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Malcolm X’s Civil Rights Movement Strategies and Goals
  3. Malcolm X and His Civil Rights Movement Goals in America
  4. African American Literature: Malcolm X’s Autobiography
  5. Malcolm X’s Childhood and Adolescence
  6. Malcolm X and the Black Nationalist Movement
  7. Two Perspectives, One Cause: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
  8. Malcolm X and African-American Separatism
  9. The Civil Rights Movement versus the Black Power Movement: Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X
  10. Dr. Martin Luther King’s and Malcolm X’s Civil Rights Strategies
  11. Malcolm X’s Ideological and Spiritual Transformation
  12. Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: A Vision for Equality and Racism Abolition
  13. Malcolm X’s Religious and Social Visions
  14. From the Ghetto to Activist: Malcolm X’s Legacy
  15. Exploring the Symbolism in Malcolm X’s Life
  16. Malcolm X’s Early and Late Perspectives
  17. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X on Social Justice and Civil Equality

Simple and Easy Malcolm X Essay Titles

  1. Icons for Civil Rights Movement: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr
  2. The Thought That All Men Are Created Equal: Malcolm X versus Martin Luther King Jr.
  3. Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X’s Civil Disobedience and Various Approaches
  4. Malcolm X and Contemporary Black Nationalism
  5. Dr. King’s and Malcolm X’s Philosophies and Tactics
  6. Malcolm X: A Radical Civil Rights Vision
  7. The Effect of Malcolm X on the Civil Rights Movement
  8. Changes in Societal Structure and Malcolm X’s Influence
  9. Diary Entries from the 1960s: A Witness to Malcolm X’s Assassination
  10. Malcolm X’s Ideologies Before and After Mecca
  11. Malcolm X, Garveyism, and the End of the Colonial Nation-State: Beyond Pan-Africanism
  12. Dr. Martin Luther King versus Malcolm X: Two Different Civil Rights Leaders
  13. Malcolm X’s Life and Leadership

Malcolm X Research Questions

  1. How did Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Malcolm X fight for Black Power and Civil Rights?
  2. Was Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X Doctrine a Better Course of Action for African Americans?
  3. How Did the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X Influence the Civil Rights Movement?
  4. What Do Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X Stand For in American, World, and Cultural History?
  5. What Was Malcolm X’s Short-Term Impact on the Black Civil Rights Movement from 1965 to 1968?
  6. What Might Have Happened Had Malcolm X Not Been Assassinated?
  7. Why Did Black Activists Reject Martin Luther King in Favor of Malcolm X?
  8. Why Is Martin Luther King Jr. a Public Holiday but Malcolm X Is not?
  9. Why Should Malcolm X’s Life and Journey Be Taught in Schools?
  10. How Did Malcolm X Overcome His Childhood Obstacles?
  11. What Was Malcolm X’s Most Significant Achievement?
  12. What Are Some Praises and Criticism of MalcolmX?
  13. How Did Malcolm X Advocate Equality?
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