Google hosts Web conference for teachers

This past weekend Google hosted an online conference aimed at helping teachers use tools like Google Docs more effectively in classrooms. The goal of the two-day Education on Air conference was to show educators how impactful technology, specifically technology from Google, can be in classrooms when it is utilized to its maximum potential. An expected 43,000 educators from 12 different countries attended remotely.

Did Google have an agenda in hosting this conference? I think it’s safe to answer “yes” to this, but that doesn’t undercut the importance of the basic message. More teachers who are comfortable using Google products, like the Chromebook tablet, and Google apps like Docs, will mean more use of those technologies and more revenue for Google (not to mention more access to teacher data and behavior when it comes to that technology, which could also spell more revenue). Google’s technology is helpful to teachers, though, and can transform the efficiency of a classroom and boost individualized learning opportunities.

As more technology companies take on educating educators on use of their products, more teachers will be empowered to use technology as a tool in their classrooms. We all know that trying to land funding for technology, or get the funds to go attend at technology-themed conference, can be next to impossible for today’s teachers. So tech companies are coming to them instead.

Teachers are influential when they come together as a collective voice. Expect more technology companies to tap into this fact in the coming years and for the options available to educators to learn more about technology to increase as a result.

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