Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen Review: More for Your Money

The Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen is an innovative, feature-rich addition to the smart home ecosystem. With its stylish design, enhanced functionality, and seamless integration, it is a solid investment for those who want to improve their daily life with technology. In this review, we will discuss its features and benefits to help you decide if it’s worth your money.

Design and Display

The Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen recently underwent a design revamp with a fresh look and an edge-to-edge 7-inch touchscreen display. The device also features a built-in speaker and microphone array, making it perfect for both entertainment and voice control. The new design fits well in various settings, such as your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Processor Upgrade

The Nest Hub 2nd Gen now comes with a faster processor that improves the overall performance of the system. This new processor makes it easier to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and ensures a smoother user experience while browsing the web, watching videos or controlling smart home devices.

Sleep Sensing

One of the standout features of the Nest Hub 2nd Gen is Sleep Sensing. It uses radar technology (Project Soli) to detect your breathing patterns and any movement during sleep. This data is then analyzed by the device to provide you with valuable insights about your sleep quality, helping you make appropriate changes for better rest.

Home Automation Integration

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen works as the command center for your smart home by integrating seamlessly with numerous brands like Philips Hue, August Smart Locks, Arlo security cameras, and many more. You can control these devices using voice commands or through the touchscreen interface on the Google Nest Hub itself.


The device has impressive entertainment capabilities as well. With access to popular streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and more – you can enjoy music and videos right on its display. The built-in stereo speakers provide decent audio quality, making the Nest Hub 2nd Gen a strong contender for casual entertainment.

Google Assistant

Your virtual assistant, Google Assistant comes integrated with the Nest Hub 2nd Gen, answering questions, setting reminders, or even creating shopping lists for you. The microphone system is designed for far-field voice detection, meaning the device picks up your commands even from a distance.

Final Thoughts

The Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen packs a lot more into its sleek design than just a smart display. With its enhanced sleep sensing capabilities, faster processing power, home automation features and entertainment options – it is an excellent addition to any smart home. The device offers great value for money and genuinely helps improve your day-to-day life with the assistance of technology.

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