Gradebook Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for gradebook apps, tools, and resources that you can use to collect, calculate, and analyze your student’s grades? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

1st Class GradeBook – The 1st Class GradeBook app provides modern grading features, including class and student activity, marks, QuickMarks, reports, and more. Teachers can also send reports to parents to keep them informed of their children’s progress. This app comes with a money-back guarantee.

BigSIS – BigSIS is a cloud-based, highly customizable student information system, providing solutions to private schools across the United States and Canada. BigSIS is comprised of modules that manage everything from admissions, gradebook, narrative assessments, donations, volunteers, after-school care participants, attendance, enrollments, and more. You select the modules you want to purchase; many modules are included in the software package for free.

Class Action Gradebook – This grade book software allows you to import student data, import assignments, and maintain a journal. It provides features such as seating charts, attendance, web posting, email communication, data export, and import. This app supports elementary, secondary, and college levels.

ClassMate Gradebook – This teacher grading and classroom management program is designed for all levels of education. It is easy to use and flexible so the teacher can monitor student activities. From in-depth reports to one-click attendance logging, this program was designed for much-needed classroom support. Reports can be saved in PDF or Excel format and shared with colleagues and parents.

Edusight– Edusight provides a solution for elementary teachers to monitor and collect accurate data about their students. Edusight Gradebook has a simple-to-use interface that helps teachers better understand their students’ performance and determine how best to help them. Edusight Notes allows teachers to record video, text, and audio observations of a student’s performance in class.

GradeBook Pro– The GradeBook Pro is designed with busy educators in mind to help record grades, student performance, and attendance. It doesn’t come with ads, purchases, subscriptions, or third-party services that require payment. With this app, you can set your preferred grade scale to any grade range you want.

GradeBookWizard – This is an online grade book and attendance program that enables teachers, students, and parents to interact in a secure online community. Teachers can access their grade book from any PC or Mac with Internet access. They can use their class website to post assignments, instructions, grades, announcements, and handouts for students and parents to access through individual, secure logins.

Jupiter iO Gradebook  – This is a web-based grade book for teachers, schools, and districts from K-12 to college. Optional integration with your SIS or Jupiter SIS is available. It offers automatic English-to-Spanish translation and text-to-speech conversion for special needs students.

TeacherPlus Gradebook – TeacherPlus is a web-based teacher grade book designed specially to integrate with the Administrator’s Plus student information system. It allows teachers to access their grade book on any browser or device, anywhere and anytime, without adding any plug-ins. Real-time tools, including graphs, are available on the website to help teachers and parents monitor a child’s progress.

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