“Great Gatsby” Essay Topics

“Great Gatsby” Essay Questions

  1. What Destroyed Gatsby’s Dreams in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”?
  2. How Well Does “The Great Gatsby” Depict the American Dream?
  3. What is a Good “Great Gatsby” Thesis Statement?
  4. What is the Message of “The Great Gatsby”?
  5. Is “The Great Gatsby” Based on an Actual Event?
  6. How Does “The Great Gatsby” Represent America?
  7. Why is “The Great Gatsby” so Well-Known?
  8. What are the “Great Gatsby’s” Four Major Themes?
  9. How Does “The Great Gatsby” Address the Concepts of Illusion vs. Reality?
  10. How Does “The Great Gatsby” Novel Compare to Fitzgerald’s Life?
  11. What Did Moving from West to East Mean for the Characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”?
  12. How Does “The Great Gatsby” Represent the End of the American Dream?
  13. How Does Tom Buchanan Depict 1920s Society in “The Great Gatsby”?
  14. Why and How Does F. Scott Fitzgerald Use Nick Carraway as “The Great Gatsby” Narrator?
  15. In the Novel “The Great Gatsby,” How are New Money and Women Marginalized?
  16. What Role Does Class Play in “The Great Gatsby”?
  17. What Qualifies “The Great Gatsby” as a Classic?
  18. Does Fitzgerald’s “Great Gatsby” Condemn the American Dream?
  19. What Does the Green Light Mean in “The Great Gatsby?”
  20. What Makes “The Great Gatsby” a Classic?
  21. How Do Women Appear in “The Great Gatsby”?
  22. What Methods Does Fitzgerald Employ to Communicate the Main Themes in “The Great Gatsby”?
  23. Why Did F. Scott Fitzgerald Write “The Great Gatsby”?
  24. Nick Carraway’s Narration of “The Great Gatsby”
  25. What Exactly is the “Great Gatsby” about?
  26. What Social Issues are Addressed in “The Great Gatsby”?
  27. How Do Multiple Incidents Contribute to the Plot Line in “The Great Gatsby”?
  28. Does Money Purchase Love in “The Great Gatsby”?
  29. How Did Fitzgerald Use Automobiles as a Motif in his Novel “The Great Gatsby”?
  30. Is “The Great Gatsby” Still Appropriate Today?
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