Great Ideas for Grade 3 Morning Work

Morning work is a great way to give your grade 3 students a jump start on the day in the classroom. It helps them get into a productive mindset, and it’s a great way to review material that has already been learned. But what kind of morning work should you give to your grade 3 students? Here are some great ideas.

1. Math facts review. Have your students practice basic math facts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the morning. This can be done through flashcards, math worksheets, or interactive websites.

2. Writing practice. Have your students practice their writing skills with a daily journal assignment. They can write about something they did over the weekend, their thoughts and feelings about the upcoming school day, or something else of their choosing.

3. Reading comprehension. Give your students a passage to read and have them answer some basic questions about it. This is a great way to help them practice their reading comprehension skills.

4. Word problems. Have your students solve word problems in the morning. This can help them practice their problem-solving skills and understand how to apply math concepts in real-world scenarios.

5. Science experiments. Have your students do a fun science experiment in the morning. This could be something as simple as making a cloud in a bottle or as complex as a chemistry experiment.

Morning work can be a great way to start the school day. With these great ideas, your grade 3 students will be off to a great start!

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