Great Recycling Books for Kids

There are many great recycling books for kids. Some of them are about recycling household items, such as plastics and paper. Others are about recycling items that are not usually recycled, like metal and glass. Some of the recycling books for kids even teach kids about the environmental benefits of recycling.

1. The Mess We Made, by Michelle Lord

Ages 5+ | This is a vibrantly illustrated look at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the effects it has on the wildlife that lives near it. The story builds little by little, much like how the patch itself was created, and ends with practical solutions.

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2. What a Waste: Trash, Recycling and Protecting our Planet, by Jess French

Ages 4+ | Facts about waste, reusing, and information about what we are already doing to help the environment will add a ton of knowledge to any library!

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3. Recycling in Crab-ulous! by Sophi Errante

 Ages 3+ | Hermit crabs are masterful reusers! This book offers up a multitude of ideas for reusing many household items and inspires kids to be more resourceful – like hermit crabs!

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4. Save the Ocean, by Bethany Stahl

Ages 2+ | Part of the series, “Save the Earth, this book uses fictional characters to tell of a very real problem and how we can fix it.

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5. This Class can Save the Planet, by Stacy Tornio

Ages 5+ | This promising read takes real-world problems from giant, unreachable tasks and chunks them into bite-sized goals that any kid, class, or school can tackle.

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