Guidelines For Using Time Out With Children and Preteens

Timeouts are a common way to manage differences in behavior among children and preteens. Here are some guidelines to help you use time out wisely:

1) Make sure the child knows why they are getting time out. Explain that they are taking a break to do something they enjoy, but that they will be back in time for their next class.

2) Do not use time out as a punishment. Time outs are meant to be a way to communicate with the child and work out their differences.

3) Wait until the child has calmed down and is listening to you. Then, explain the reasons for the time out and why it is necessary.

4) Take into account the child’s behavior when making time-out decisions. Too often, parents make the decision to time out their children without taking into account their behavior.

5) When children and preteens reach a certain age, they are no longer able to do things on their own. This means that they need a time out to calm down and relax. Time out can also help them learn new skills or improve their behavior.

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