Halloween Games for Children

Are you looking for Halloween games for your children? Check out our list.

  1. Mummy Race Halloween Game– Watch the children race across the finish line, leaving a path of toilet paper behind them. So fun!
  2. Poke a Pumpkin– Put prizes in orange cups with napkins rubber-banded over the tops.
  3. Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe– Tape a grid on a table. The game pieces are mini pumpkins.
  4. Halloween Concentration Games– Let the kids test their memory of spooky things with this fun Halloween game.
  5. Pop Goes the Pumpkin– Start your Halloween with a bang!
  6. Balloon Catch– Attach this idea to your list of Halloween games by blowing up orange balloons and giving each player a paper funnel. Watch the children catch, jump, and spin until everyone laughs.
  7. Pin the Tail on Mr. Bones– Print out an engineering-size print of Mr. Bones, and you have a 4-foot tall skeleton. Add a blindfold and bow ties, and you’re good to go!
  8. Pumpkin Bowling– Fill each bowling pin with candy. Players will then bowl with a  pumpkin and get a treat inside whichever pin they knock over.
  9. Witch Pitch– See how many candies corns the kids can toss into a cauldron.
  10. Cupcake Walk Kit– My children love any game that ends with eating cake. Guess what?! Free printables too! Sold.
  11. Skeleton Halloween Games– Roll dice to collect all of the pieces of the skeleton. The child to gathers all of the bones wins!
  12. Halloween Bingo– This printable Halloween Bingo is easy to play with and perfect for children because it’s all Halloween pictures. Candy corns act as the perfect placeholders!
  13. Pumpkin Golf– Carved pumpkins make great lanterns and will help you create your miniature golf course. Grab golf balls and get puttin”.
  14. Sensory Halloween Game– The old masterpiece is one of the fun Halloween games for children. Gross!
  15. Spider Web Halloween Game– Grab a few colorful tapes and create a spider web for the children. This activity uses balance and creativity.
  16. Great Pumpkin Treasure Hunt– Lead the kids from clue to clue until they discover The Great Pumpkin. We watch this every year, and my children LOVE it!
  17. Pumpkin Toss– If you’re searching for DIY Halloween games, this one is worth the time spent making it.
  18. Bucket Toss– This DIY Halloween game is not just cute and fun but easy and inexpensive.
  19. Guessing Game– For this guessing game, start by filling a large clear bowl with candy corn and count each piece as you go. The child with the nearest guess gets a prize!
  20. Charades– This game is a cool way to let children play together. Free printable game cards are provided!
  21. Monster Dice– I like this little DIY game. An easy, creative, and good way to get the children moving!
  22. Pumpkin Hunt– I love this game’s simplicity; it’s a good way to have Halloween fun outdoors!
  23. Halloween I-Spy– My children love I-spy games, and this one is perfect for a Halloween event.
  24. Halloween Game: Balancing Act– Challenge players to walk the plank without descending into the spiderwebs! You’ll need tulle and cheesecloth to create your spider web.
  25. Indoor Obstacle Course– These Halloween barriers can be thrown together with things already in the home.
  26. Pin the Eye On the Beast– Blindfold the kids, spin them around, and watch as they try to attach an eye to the monster poster.
  27. Halloween Blind Guessing Game– Add creepy Halloween fun to your party. Hide several food items behind a sheet, add a small slit, and let the hands slip across and feel the spooky pieces.
  28. Ghost Race– This Halloween game is intended after the conventional Potato Sack Race, except the white pillowcase is painted like a ghost. I love games turned into games!
  29. Gourd Challenge– Have the children balance gourds or mini pumpkins on a wooden spoon as they walk throughout the pumpkins.
  30. Fall Halloween House– Drive a cardboard box into a Halloween house for all of the party guests to play in. Let them practice their trick-or-treating by knocking on the front door.



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