Happy Sisters Day – Wishes, Messages and Quotes

On Sisters Day, we celebrate the powerful sisterhood that exists in every community. Sisters can be siblings, mothers, daughters, aunts, or any other female relatives. They are united by shared experiences and common bonds. Sisters are always there for one another, no matter what.

On this special day, we should reflect on the sisterhood we have within our families, communities, and nation. Sisters Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the strength and support of our sisters. Let us remember to cherish our sisters, and to support each other in every way possible. 

Below are some quotes and messages to send your sisters on this special day.

“May your sister be as happy as you are.”

“A sister is the best friend a person could have.”


“You are the best sister a person could have.”

“My sister is the light of my life.”

“I love you my sister.”

“Happy Sisters Day! You are the best sister anyone could ask for!”

“May your sister be everything you ever wanted her to be.”

“You’re my favorite sister.”


“A sister is a friend you never have to say goodbye to.”

“A sister is a bundle of joy.”

“My sister is my best friend.”

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