Healthy Snacks for Kids

Are you looking for healthy snacks for your kids? Check out some recipes from our favorite parent bloggers.

Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Whole-boiled eggs are a good idea! They contain protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, and other minerals. This easy peel hard-boiled eggs recipe will make boiled eggs a quick and easy snack! From The Realistic Mama

Healthy Muffins

Muffins are good to make ahead in huge batches. These applesauce muffins are healthy, so you won’t have to worry about all the extra processed sugar! From Well Plated

Blueberry Bliss

These blueberry bliss bars are healthy, don’t require baking, and only have four ingredients. These bars are sweet, creamy, fruity, with a hint of vanilla, and delicious! From My Whole Food Life, This is a perfect sweet after-school snack.

Peanut Butter Smoothie

peanut butter energy smoothie that is easy to make! This smoothie has a banana; we all know peanut butter/bananas are one of the best flavor combos. From Your Modern Family,

Fruit Gummy

Turn these homemade fruit gummies into an educational science experiment. I know we rarely think of a fruit gummy as being healthy, but these homemade gummies are made with all-natural fruit juice and gelatin. From Left Brain Craft Brain This sweet treat is a colorful snack that is delicious! These kid-friendly snacks taste better than the store-bought.

Easy Muffin Recipe

Toddler muffins. They’re healthy and delicious, and the kids can help make them! This muffin recipe can be transformed into any flavor! You can do apple cinnamon muffins, blueberry, chocolate chip, or anything your child likes! From The Worktop, You can also make these whole grains to make these muffins more healthy.

Dehydrated Snacks

How about s dehydrated fruit that can be made into shapes with cookie cutters? Dehydrated snacks are good because if you vacuum seal them, they last even longer and make convenient little snack packs. From Kara Carrero, These taste so good and are one of my kid’s favorite healthy snacks.

Honey Popsicles

These healthy fruits and yogurt popsicles are super yummy and can be eaten for breakfast. My child loves these, they are naturally sweetened with fresh fruit and honey, and the creamy yogurt is a nice touch! From Mama. Papa. Bubba Young kids will love this and won’t know they’re eating healthy.

How To Make Apple Chips

Apple chips are a good healthy snack idea. They’re simple to make, and the cool thing is the flavor changes a bit depending on which type of apple you use! From DIY Natural These are delicious and nutritious snacks.

Quick Snacks For Kids

Get the children excited about fruits and veggies. Make apples and carrots look like a palm tree or anything your kid may like. This is a quick snack for kids. From Kids Steam Lab

Berries And Cream

Berries and cream are one of my favorite snacks. Cut-up fruit with homemade coconut whipped cream on top is perfect for special occasions {or fun on an ordinary day}. From The Realistic Mama, This is great for older kids and could be used as a healthy breakfast.

Oatmeal Cookies

I feel like oatmeal cookies often get overlooked. These cookies are low in calories and high in taste. You can add many yummy things like dark chocolate chips or dried fruit. From Well Plated

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

4-ingredient chocolate peanut butter cups are better than the real McCoy! Healthy peanut butter cups have flavor without all the processed sugar. From Happy Healthy Mama

No Bake Cookies For Kids

No bake cookies with oats, nuts, dried fruit, and shredded coconut; perfect. Wanting to spend time with your kids? This recipe is ideal for getting them involved in the kitchen! From Playtivities What a fun way to eat wholesome ingredients and still enjoy a cookie.

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