Help! My Family Thinks I’m Crazy for Quitting My “Cushy” Teaching Job


When you make a decision to chart a new course in life or take a risk, it’s not uncommon for some family members to question your choices and even doubt your sanity. This is the story of my journey after I decided to quit my stable teaching job that many considered “cushy,” and how I navigated through the judgment, concerns, and skepticism from my family.

An Unexpected Calling:

For most of my life, I had found comfort and fulfillment in teaching. The daily interactions with curious minds, the joy of nurturing talent in my students, and the sense of contributing to something larger than myself were all factors that made me feel purposeful. However, over time, I felt a growing hunger for change and a desire to explore new horizons.

The Catalyst for Change:

Despite enjoying teaching, I found myself increasingly fascinated by creative pursuits and entrepreneurial ventures. The passion to create something of my own led me to seriously contemplate quitting my secure position as an educator. When I finally summoned the courage to share my intentions with my family, their response was far from supportive.

Facing Opposition from Loved Ones:

My family initially struggled to understand why I would leave behind stability and a respected profession for the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. They considered me crazy for giving up on what many saw as a dream job. The disappointment in their eyes was palpable as they worried about the potential consequences of my decision.

Finding Support and Validation:

Unable to find encouragement from those closest to me, I sought validation elsewhere. Joining networking groups, attending seminars, and connecting with like-minded individuals helped me realize that I was not alone in craving change. Their experiences revealed that pursuing one’s passion often comes with challenges but may ultimately lead to success and happiness.

Perseverance amidst Doubt:

In the face of doubt, I stayed resolute and continued my entrepreneurial journey. Through hard work, determination, and persistence, my venture gradually began to take shape, earn revenue, and gain recognition. Over time, my family’s concerns turned into curiosity, interest, and eventually admiration for my tenacity and achievements.


I share this story to inspire others who may face similar challenges when attempting to break free from conventional paths or societal expectations. It’s crucial to remember that you are your own unique individual with personal desires, dreams, and aspirations. Quitting a “cushy” job that no longer aligns with your life’s goals takes tremendous courage. Ultimately, the journey towards self-discovery, growth, and fulfillment is worth the struggle – even if it means enduring initial skepticism from family and friends.

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