Help! Should I Report My Coworker for Being Creepy


There may come times at work when you face situations that are uncomfortable or unsettling, especially when your coworker is exhibiting creepy behavior. How do you differentiate what is considered creepy and when should you report such behavior to your supervisors or HR? This article offers guidance on how to navigate around these murky waters.

Recognizing Creepy Behavior

Creepy behavior is subjective and can vary from person to person. However, some common forms include:

1. Stalking or following you around excessively, especially after work hours

2. Indulging in inappropriate conversations or making sexually suggestive comments

3. Gossiping or spreading rumors about your personal life

4. Invading your personal space frequently

5. Persistently trying to establish an intimate relationship despite your disinterest

6. Taking pictures or recording videos of you without your knowledge or consent

Listen to Your Instincts

If someone’s behavior makes you feel uneasy, it’s important to pay attention to your instincts. Your gut feeling could be the first sign that something isn’t right with a person’s actions.

Establish Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries at work is crucial for maintaining professionalism and ensuring personal safety. Communicate your boundaries with the coworker if you feel comfortable doing so, and make it clear that their behavior is not acceptable.

Document the Incidents

Keep track of any instances of creepy behavior by maintaining a log of dates, times, specific situations, and any witnesses present during the incidents. This documentation will be useful should you decide to report the coworker.

Consult a Trusted Colleague

Share your experience with a trusted colleague who can offer support, insight, and advice on how to proceed. They may have confronted similar issues in the past or can help assess whether the behavior warrants reporting.

When to Report Your Coworker

It’s important to trust your instincts and report your coworker if:

1. Their behavior becomes more aggressive or persistent

2. You feel threatened or unsafe

3. The coworker’s actions violate workplace policies

4. Your productivity and mental well-being are being negatively affected

When reporting your coworker, provide the documentation you’ve gathered to HR or your supervisor. This will help them understand the severity of the situation and take appropriate action.


It’s crucial to maintain a safe and respectful work environment for everyone. Sometimes, it can be tough to judge what constitutes creepy behavior and how to handle it appropriately. However, by listening to your instincts, documenting incidents, and seeking support from trusted colleagues, you can make informed decisions about whether or not to report a creepy coworker. Remember, everyone deserves to feel secure and respected in their workplace.

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