Helpful Emotional Resilience Activities for Kids

When it comes to handling stress, kids are just like everyone else. They need time to calm down and step back like everyone else. However, they need something to help them feel better when they’re struggling. So here are 5 practical, emotional resilience activities for kids:

  1. Draw and paint.
    Drawing and painting can help create a sense of peace and calm in a child’s life. They can also use the medium to express their thoughts and feelings.
  1. Sing a song.
    Songs can help children feel connected to the world around them. They can also use music to release stress and emotions.
  1. Listen to music.
    Listening to music can help children release negative energy and feel happier. It can also help them focus and stay calm under pressure.
  1. Take a bath.
    Baths can help children relax and calm down. They can also use the water to cleanse and detoxify.
  1. Take a walk.
    Walking can help children release energy and promote calm, and learn about themselves and their surroundings.
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