HelpHub Launches Free Online Group Tutoring Sessions

Last time I wrote about HelpHub, an online tutoring platform that connects students with tutors 24/7, I discussed the importance of the industry being convenient and cost effective for students.

Starting September 16, HelpHub is offering free weekly group learning sessions that allows tutors to teach any number of students simultaneously. The best part, these lessons are 100% FREE. Talk about convenient and cost effective.

“Our group study sessions are a great online learning tool that connects students to experts,” says founder Miguel Kudry. “Our tools don’t replace traditional education but students can use it to get the help that they need, when they need it.”

Students can drop into a free live-stream group tutoring session and interact with an expert tutor along with other students using the chat tool. The first round of sessions start September 16 and are aimed at high school students. See a breakdown of the sessions below:

Tuesday, September 16: Science 12 at 6-8 pm (PST)

Wednesday, September 17: English 12 at 6-8 pm (PST)

Thursday, September 18: Math 12 at 6-8 pm (PST)

To drop into an online group studying session, students need to simply sign up for a free HelpHub account, which will give them access to the live-stream session at the designated class time. For more information, visit the HelpHub blog.

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