Helping Learners to Review and Summarize What They Have Learning

This approach involves movement and engages learners. It can be used for reviewing, predicting, summarizing learning, and more.

In this activity, you will need to tell the learners that you want them to reflect on the day’s course content. Ask each learner to put their name on a piece of paper and then write on that paper something learned in class that day. (Encourage the learners to write clearly so that all can read what was written on the slip of paper.)

Have learners bring their slips of paper and join them together in a large circle.

Instruct the learners to then crumple up their paper so that they resemble a “snowball.”

At this point, have each learner “throw” their snowball into the center of the circle. Have each learner get another snowball and throw it into the circle. Depending upon the class chemistry, one time of throwing the snowball may be enough!

At the call of time, have each learner pick up a snowball from the center of the circle.

Have learners read their snowballs. As the educator, comment on correct statements, such as, “that statement really shows that you were listening,” and for incorrect statements, you might say, “Let’s discuss this further.”

Collect all snowballs for assessment purposes.

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