Helping Students Address Burning Questions

When working with adults, we are always trying to help them reach their goals, regardless of what they may be. It is sometimes required to put aside the lesson plans you have developed and talk about current events. This is what the burning question period is. If something has happened that you, as the educator, think is of great importance, then take the first 10-15 minutes of your class to discuss this particular issue. If a learner comes into class and is upset about something happening in the news, take the time to address it.

An adult learner needs to know that learning is not just about what the educator has planned. When discussing current events, there are so many teachable moments that can happen. Do not be afraid to allow the class to take the allotted time to talk and to learn about what is going on in their world.

Once the set time is up, the planned lesson will begin, but the most important thing is that the learners have the opportunity to be listened to.

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